• Trail closures due to fire
    Numerous trails in the foothills west of Wenatchee remain closed due to the Sleepy Hollow Fire. Neal Hedges, Stewardship Director with the Chelan Douglas Land Trust says that includes all trails north of 5th Street. listen here Closed trails include Sage Hills, Horse Lake, Homestead, View Point, , Old Ranch Road, and the Horse Lake Short Loop Trails. Hedges says lots of other great trails remain open, such as Saddle Rock, Jacobson and Castle Rock Trails. He says remember to bring plenty of water.
  • Pasayten Wilderness fire grows
    Tonasket, WA— Newby Lake wildfire, in Canada and the Pasayten Wilderness, is estimated at about 290 acres...
  • Wolverine Fire
    A 40-acre lightning-sparked wildfire is burning in the extremely steep and rocky terrain of Wolverine Creek drainage, a remote area approximately 3 miles northwest of Lucerne on Lake Chelan...
  • Fireworks and pets
    Your pets should appreciate the ban on fireworks. Dawn Davies, Executive Director of the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society says typically the 5th of July is the busiest day of the year for animal control officers. That's because of all of the animals who run amok because of the loud noises, lights and sulfur smells from fireworks. While fireworks bans are in place in Chelan and Douglas Counties, sales were not banned and some people will undoubtedly fire them off despite the prohibition. listen here Some other tips, close the curtains and blinds to block out the flashing lights, try to distract your frightened pets with chew toys and games, or put them with another pet that doesn't share his or her fear of fireworks. Also make sure your pets have ID tags or microchips in case they do run away or get lost.
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