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SAT Mar 28, 2015
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TUE Apr 14, 2015
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  • Apple Cup Signifies State's Football, Political Divide
    Friday’s “Apple Cup” game features a rivalry of two universities which reside on opposite sides of the state – Washington in the west and Washington State in the east.  But pollster Stuart Elway pollster notes the two sides are also divided by politics, saying “If you haven’t heard the term ‘Cascade Curtain’ yet, you will.”  The west side is dominated by liberal Democrats in the big city, while conservative Republicans control the less populous eastside…and not everybody’s happy.  Elway says “Eastern Washington has twenty percent of the population of the state.  The city of Seattle has more population than all of the 509 area code.  That pisses them off over there.”  Statewide elections are almost always won by Democrats, who hold both U.S...
  • RV Fires "Total Loss" on Chelan's Lakeshore Road.
    " A complete loss" is how Chelan Fire and Rescue describes a Thanksgiving Morning fire that destroyed 2 R-V's in the 11-thousand block of Lakeshore Road. Chelan's Captain Pat Moore tells News Radio 560 KPQ the owner of one of the RV"s was trapped inside and used a back window to escape...
  • East Wenatchee Man Arrested At Gun Point After Chase
    A road chase leads to an East Wenatchee man’s arrest at gun point.  The pursuit began Wednesday morning after a Malaga resident complained about people trespassing. A Chelan County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over an SUV driven by 21 year-old Dakota Wallace-White, who drove off as the deputy approached on foot...
  • No Dogs Left Behind!
    A bipartisan measure passage in Washington D C means war dogs will now be able to come home with their handlers - not left behind in war zones to fend for themselves. The 2016 National Defense Authorization Act signed into law by President Obama mandates war dogs be returned to American soil on retirement, and that military handlers have the first option to adopt them.  It's estimated each military dog saves the lives of up to 2-hundred servicemen and women, by detecting I E D's and hidden weapon caches...
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