You get closed down if you’re a Walmart location in America that doesn’t turn a profit. It's hard to believe that Walmart - a seemingly safe business model could have run into recent bad times. In 2023, two dozen Walmart stores closed in thirteen different states. The impending Albertsons/Kroger merger could take away even more customers from Walmart stores across the Pacific Northwest. 

The pandemic has dealt a blow

It's been nearly 4 years since the start of the worldwide pandemic. Local privately owned stores did their best to weather the storm. The big names of Amazon and Walmart also have had some challenges. Amazon recently has seen some layoffs. Walmart has had to shutter some of its underperforming stores.

States that Walmart closed stores

Walmart’s official statement on why the 23 stores were shut down was due to underperformance and theft. The US states with Walmart closures include Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia.

Two Oregon Stores Affected

Both of the Walmart stores in Oregon that closed down were in Portland. The two locations: 

* 4200 82nd Ave SE, in Southeast Portland

* 1123 N Hayden Meadows Dr., in North Portland, by Delta Park - across the Columbia River from Vancouver, Washington.

One Washington Walmart Closure

* 11400 Hwy. 99, in Everett, not far from Paine Field along Highway 99 or Evergreen Way.

Confirmed Walmart 2024 closures

Walmart is continuing to close underperforming stores in 2024. So far the only confirmed closures are in Southern California - in San Diego and El Cajon.

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The 11 Most Stolen Items From Walmart Stores

These are the items Walmart identifies as the most frequently stolen in their stores.

Gallery Credit: Emily

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