Madison got the good word late this morning that she's won $30,000! This is a nice story as she works for an elementary school, is a new mom, and has many needed home repairs.

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Here’s what $30,000 could provide Madison:

43 Mission Ridge ski and board Season Passes (that's 43 core value passes - which includes Unlimited access Monday through Friday. No blackouts.Saturday and Sunday access Opening Day - December 10th and March 16th - end of the season.50% off Saturday and Sunday tickets. No blackouts. Unlimited night access, including Saturday nights

6 premium (the best seats in Lumen Field) Seahawks season tickets (imagine you and 5 friends at every Seahawks home game!)

129 dinners at Seattle’s Canlis Restaurant

3 Yamaha Waverunner Jet-skis to tear it up on Lake Chelan!

6,000 chicken sandwiches

10,000 large fries

5,000 tall pumpkin spice lattes

750 Stanley tumblers

500 bottles of K18 hair treatment

375 new pairs of Levi’s

40 new iPhone 15s

30 new laptops

10,000 happy hour White Claws

Trip to Disneyworld

Trip to the Bahamas

A holiday trip to Europe for your in-laws so you can finally enjoy Thanksgiving

Your Kid's Tuition at a Swiss boarding school (silence is golden)

333 Lewises

30,000 No. 2 pencils

½ of 1% of a Berkshire Hathaway share

2,000 Lush bath bombs

Tickets to see U2 at The Sphere in Vegas

188 Officially Licensed Travis Kelce Jerseys

1,154 Gallons of “Seemingly Ranch” Dressing

100 12-foot skeletons from Home Depot

One Birkin Bag

One year of in-state tuition, books, room and board at the University of Washington

Congrats again to Madison!


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