I recently stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge in Centralia WA. I and about 15 others stayed for about 4 days for a Cheer Camp. Let me just say, as a first timer, that was the coolest place to visit, and I cannot wait to go back with my little girl!

Fun for any season, no matter the weather, Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor adventure.


5 Reasons the Great Wolf Lodge is Awesome - 

1. Spacious Rooms

There were 3 adults and one toddler in my room, and honestly, it didn't feel like living in tight quarters, super comfortable.


2. Indoor Water Park

Grab your bathing suit and hit the park! Water slides as well, so much fun!


3. MagiQuest -

After or before, which ever you prefer, play this fun, around the hotel, game! It takes you into stair wells, and all-over Great Wolf Lodge.


4. Build A Bear

Since my little girl didn't get to come with me, I was able to bring her home a piece of cuteness! Love Build a Bear and my little loves it too!

5. Fun for literally the WHOLE Family

It doesn't matter if you just want to sit back and relax, or go and enjoy all the features, food and sights to be seen at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Funny enough, no this isn't a review. It's a reflection of what I was able to experience and how excited I am to go back! Have you ever experienced something and thought, "Man, more people need to know about this place!!" That was me and my lasting feeling after packing up and hitting the road back home.

Indoor Water Park & Resort | Grand Mound Resort | Great Wolf Lodge


Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine

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