Billed at the "Oldest Pottery in the PNW," Orcas Island Pottery is a must see!

4th Generation Potters, and an eye for really cool clay designs!

Orcas Island Pottery is featured on Trip Advisor as an attraction, and they aren't wrong!

"Located in the pristine beauty of Orcas Island in the San Juan Archipelago of Washington State, Orcas Island Pottery is the oldest studio pottery in the Pacific Northwest, and creates and sells some of the most original and beautiful pottery in the Northwestern United States." - Orcas Island Pottery

Orcas Island Pottery

Meet the family!

This really cool Pottery shop is open Tuesday's - Sunday's 10am-5pm

Enjoy looking at all the different pieces and stroll through their vast selection!

From Yard pieces to serving dishes! There's something here for everyone.

Maybe you are looking for a unique gift for the unique person in your life, or you want to add to your own collection, do so with Orcas Island Pottery!

Locally owned and operated!

Honestly, some of these pieces, I need now! Perfect for decor, and one of a kind, each piece.

"Throwing Clay" is an art of its own, delicately spin between hands and made with love!

Keep in mind, they have different hours per season. Summer Hours in effect until November.

Find them on Instagram here.

Find them on Facebook here.

Orcas Island Pottery

Make sure to visit our friends at Orcass Island Pottery, shop for that unique something and go home knowing, you have a one of a kinda piece plus it was made locally! Pretty cool if you ask me!

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