Now, I’ve lived in the Wenatchee Valley for going on 15yrs. You’d think by now, that I have done just about anything you can do in the valley. Truth is, I haven’t, and I really need to get out more cause this area really provides some fun activities! Connor wrote a piece about having not done some things around the valley as well, click here to see his take.  

Things Aly (and You) need to try in the Wenatchee Valley:  

River Front Rock Gym - Now, I don’t know how well I would do with heights, but I mean, the place has safety precautions sooo I’d be fine! Right! Right?! 

Saw a production at the PAC – Numerica Performing Art Center is one cool place to visit, but I have yet to see a play or production piece there! I need to do so! Wanna join? 

Class With A Glass – I mean a glass of some good wine and a paint brush to canvas sounds pretty dang awesome to me! 

Inspirations Ceramic and Art Café - I used to go to a place in Gig Harbor WA that had this same sort of idea. Painting your own ceramic with yourself or a group of people, how relaxing! 

Sweetwood BBQ – Excuse me, Hi! I would like to admit that I haven’t been to one of the tastiest BBQ places in the valley, please don’t hate me.  

Now that we have established that I need to get out of the house more, maybe you’ll join me in a nice brisk wall climb, or even a calming time while we paint?  

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