The average American household spends $270.21 per week on groceries- which works out to $1,080 per month on food from the grocery store.

The budget for food is even higher if you have kids in the home. 

How much?

Homes that need to feed children spend an average of $331.94 per week.

How Did Wenatchee compare to Cleveland, Ohio - Back in 2007?

In 2007, I was a single man living in Cleveland, Ohio who spent (and I remember this vividly) 71 dollars a week for all my basic items. 

Upon moving to Wenatchee, my weekly grocery bill jumped up to $125 a week.

Where does Washington rank nationally? shared - the average cost of weekly groceries in Washington state is just over $287.

We in Washington pay the 4th highest grocery bill in America.

Only California, Nevada, and Mississippi boast a higher cost for groceries.

Who Has the Most Expensive Grocery Bill In America?

The weekly average - according to HelpAdvisor’s study

  1. California $297.72
  2. Nevada $294.76
  3. Mississippi $290.64
  4. Washington $287.67
  5. Florida $287.67
  6. New Mexico $286.39
  7. Texas $286.19
  8. Louisiana $282.95
  9. Colorado $279.98
  10. Oklahoma $279.16


What are the Three Cheapest States in America to Buy Groceries?

Families in Wisconsin ($221.46), Iowa ($227.32), and Nebraska ($235.12) paid the least amount for groceries every week.

What City Has the Most Expensive Grocery Bill In America?

According to the study - Seattle ranked as the 6th most expensive city in America to buy groceries (weekly average in parentheses.) 

  1. Miami ($327.89)
  2. Houston ($302.65)
  3. Riverside, California ($300.50)
  4. San Francisco ($298.44)
  5. Los Angeles ($295.33)
  6. Seattle ($289.23)
  7. New York ($282.60)
  8. Dallas ($282.21)
  9. Chicago ($278.91)
  10. Atlanta ($277.54)

Let's Give You Some Hope

Recent numbers show things getting more affordable.

I'll take it! The cost of living since the pandemic has gone up a fair amount. According to the Consumer Price Index, it costs less to shop now than it did a year ago. -WRC TV (Washington DC)

INFO: (the study did not include Alaska or Hawaii. Click here for the full study)

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Gallery Credit: Meg Dowdy

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