Food & Wine came out with their list of 10 Best Grocery Stores in America.

The people at Food & Wine graded these stores on two key items:

  • Their value
  • The quality of their products.

Thankfully four of the ten stores are found in Washington - New Season Market, Winco, Trader Joe’s, and Costco.

Food & Wine’s Top Ten Grocery Stores in America

1. H-E-B 

Mrs. Florence Butt's general store began in the Texas Hill Country, back in 1905. Today they serve more than 150 communities around Texas. H-E-B’s secret sauce? Affordable prices and top-notch quality on their in-store name brands. And their curb-side pick-up is dialed in.

2. Wegmans

The number one supermarket on the East Coast. From Boston to North Carolina, it's hard to beat their bakery and prepared food section. 

3. Hy-Vee

Based in Des Moines, Iowa. Hy-Vee prides itself on its home style of prepared meals. Midwesterners are fortunate to have this great employee-owned grocery store chain. 

4. New Seasons Market

The Portland, Oregon chain’s playbook calls for sourcing local and organic products. They have designed their stores to become a place that encourages the community to enjoy coffee and food - and hang out. They recently opened a downtown Seattle location.

5. Market Basket

This is a refreshing description: A place to buy “unbelievably affordable groceries.” Shoppers in the New England states appreciate this and have made it one of the best-loved chains on this list. 

6. Lidl

A German international discount grocery store across the entire European Union and found here in America - currently only on the East Coast - between New Jersey and Georgia.

7. Winco Foods

When I visit my mom in Bremerton, over on Puget Sound - and take her to any other grocery store, she’ll laugh out loud and tell me how expensive those stores are. “You should just take to Winco!” Mom knows best.

8. Trader Joe’s

For anyone who might have a preconceived notion of never stepping foot into a Trader Joe’s - You’re missing out. If you’ve never visited Trader Joe’s in Washington, make it a mission to go at least once. You’ll find great products, lots are organic & all-natural - for sometimes drastically less.

9. Publix

A staple in America’s Southeast corner. One of my friends who just moved from Nashville says they have an upscale feel - with affordable Winco Prices. Customers rave about their deli counter. From sandwiches to chicken cordon bleu - you have to stop in and visit a Publix if you’re in that part of the country.

10. Costco

The nationwide love of this Washington-based store went fever pitch during the height of the pandemic. The value is great and their Kirkland brand products are secretly top-tier products in store brand packaging. Kirkland Brand Coffee? (it's Starbucks.) Kirkland Brand batteries? (it's Duracell.) Learn more about what’s behind the Kirkland Brand here.

INFO: Food & Wine

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