Do you have your tickets for this Thursday's show??

Blippi Live! A Wonderful World Tour

Thursday, April 25th, 2024

6pm - 9pm

At The Town Toyota Center

Have you heard the "Excavator Song"? I have, ask me how many times I've heard it.


But in all honesty, I love that my little girl would sing that song at the top of her lungs!

This fun learning experience will be fun for the whole family!

Who is Blippi?

"The wonderful world of Blippi has captivated preschoolers and parents alike, making learning fun and exploration endless. With Blippi, kids can experience real-life places while discovering real-life facts as they watch. Blippi (and all his friends) help foster curiosity and wonder while demonstrating how to learn through play. He also encourages kids to ask questions about the world around them. He’s more than his iconic orange and blue -- he’s a friend to me and you! " -Source

Where can I purchase Tickets to this event?

Tickets | Blippi - The Wonderful World Tour | Town Toyota Center

Look into the Blippi Photo Experience

Have a chance for you and your little to MEET BLIPPI!

"Meet Blippi in one of his very own MACHINES! You and your family will have the opportunity to take your photo with Blippi and one of his favorite machines.
Here’s how it works: Photo Experience ticket purchasers should go to the Will Call window at the Box Office on the show day to pick up their passes and after-show instructions." - Source

Gather the family and head to the Town Toyota Center this Thursday 4/25/24

Tickets | Blippi - The Wonderful World Tour | Town Toyota Center

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