" On January 20, 1954, the temperature in the Republic dropped to a bone-chilling -69.7°F (-56.5°C), the lowest temperature ever recorded in the contiguous United States." Source 

Having grown up in Okanogan County, Washington State, I know just how cold it can get BUT I was born in 1989 so, I "unfortunately" missed the record low for Washington State.


The picture above is not from that faithful day, it's actually just a photo I found to best describe the feeling I get when I even try to imagine how cold -69.7 degrees would be like. Endless? Bitter? Unfathomable?

Does anyone live in Republic during Winter months?

"As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 1,073." Source

So, I guess that's a yes. Coming from the "cold" side of the state, you just adapt and make sure you are prepared for Mother Nature's snap! Plus, they have Winterfest!

What else is "cool" about Republic?

"Republic is known as both the largest mining camp in the Republic Mining District and as the home of Spokane and British Columbia railway, also known as the  “Hot Air Line” railway." Source

Where's Republic WA?

"Republic sits near the source of the Sanpoil River, a tributary of the Columbia River. Swan Lake is just a few miles south" Source.

Here, I have "explain this to me like I was a toddler," directions. CLICK THIS LINK, IT BRINGS YOU TO GOOGLE MAPS

You're welcome *Insert hug emoji here* I got you homie!

What's the coldest it's been in WA State this Winter 2023-2024?

Tough to tell completely yet, I'll update this in the spring. I will tell you though, on my way to work this morning, my car read -1. And I know that temperature has been beat multiple times around the state.

Stay warm Washington State, Republic, You ok??

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