Learn how to stay safe on icy roads and a surprising way to keep your feet toasty. Don’t let the dark colder months keep you from riding!

Have you looked at the weather forecast for the next few days?

I see us dipping below freezing for the first time in quite some time later this week.

Snow is in the forecast this coming weekend and low temps in the the mid teens next week!

Proper Fall weather has arrived with Winter officially here in a month in a half.

The e-bike has brought many new riders to the streets and trails. This is a wonderful new trend! Whether you ride with electronic assistance or the old fashioned way, like I do. Slick, icy roads are no joke.

I have a few suggestions to help you when the air gets much colder and the roads aren’t as friendly to ride on. As some of you might know, I ride year round, almost every day. 


I’ve learned to stay upright and happy in the colder dark months. Here’s how i do it.


1) I ride with studded tires. A few bike tire companies make studded tires, my favorite that I swear by, is a German company called Schwalbe. The Schwalbe Winter Marathon Plus has helped me commute safely on the dark icy streets of Winter. I’ve included a link for you see them HERE


2) IF I get caught without my studded tires, I let a little of the tire pressure out of my tire to allow for more tire surface area to stay in contact with the road. This small detail will help you.

3) IF the temperature dips into below freezing or even colder, I wear “Winter Booties” over my shoes or bike shoes. Area bike shops carry them. They work wonders.

4) IF the temperature gets even colder (Teens or colder), or i have a long bike ride on tap in sub-freezing temps, I add a grocery sack to wear over my socks. This idea keeps my toes from freezing when I trail run too.

5) Layer up  Multiple layers with a moisture wicking base layer helps keep the hypothermia away.

6) Make sure you have a good light, both in the front and back of your bike. Cars NEED to see me coming down the road, especially when I approach an intersection. Don't get hit! Get a bright red light for the back…as more and more drivers are distracted, catch their attention with a “slow flashing orb effect” in bright daylight and the brightest constant setting at night.  

7) Bring a cell phone to make the call of shame to your family if you get a mechanical issue or flat tire.  I’ve had to make the call of shame a couple times. (I switched to “TUBELESS TIRES” after getting a triple flat on a long ride and haven’t had a flat in quite some time...knock on wood)

If you’ve read these tips and mumbled to yourself that Winter bike riding is crazy, I understand. I DO hope any or all of these tips will allow you to fully enjoy riding, year round, in the most beautiful corner of our planet!

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