Can You Name Two Famous Candies From Washington State?

There are two famous candies created in Washington State close to 100 years ago and they still are being manufactured in Tacoma whilst you didn't realize they are Washington originals.

Have You heard Of Mountain Bars?

The first candy that's famous from Washington State was once called Mt. Tacoma. We know them best as Mountain Bars today and you'll usually find them on the lower candy shelves.

The varieties include Peanut Butter and Cherry. They originated in 1915 and were conceived and marketed by Brown & Haley in Tacoma Washington.

Here are a few facts about Mountain Bars:

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By 1923 the name of the bar had changed to just plain “MOUNTAIN” due to the fact that sales were spreading beyond Tacoma, and the name “Mount Tacoma” conflicted with the name used in Seattle - Mount Rainier.

The other famous candy that is more widely known is Almond Roca. What's not to love about Almond Roca?

The delicious combination of chocolate, almonds, and butter crunch has been tantalizing taste buds for nearly a century.

Almond Roca was first created in 1923 by Brown & Haley, a candy company based in Tacoma, Washington. At the time, the company's flagship product was something called Mt. Tacoma bars.

The company decided to experiment with other flavor combinations in search of another hit.

Almond Roca And Mountain Bars Are Still Being Made In Tacoma Washington

After much trial and error (and more than a few batches of burnt candy), they finally hit upon the perfect recipe for Almond Roca.

By Glane23 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By Glane23 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Since then, Almond Roca has become one of Brown & Haley's most popular products. It is now sold in over 40 countries around the world and has been featured in magazines, movies, and TV shows.

In recent years, the company has even expanded its flavor offerings to include dark chocolate, peppermint, and sea salt caramel. YUM!

One interesting fact, the Washington Legislature wanted to make Applets and Cotlets the state candy in 2009 but didn't pass because Almond Roca is also a hugely successful candy from Washington State.

The next time you enjoy a piece of Almond Roca, take a moment to appreciate its humble origins. This delicious treat has come a long way from its days as an accidental experiment in a small candy factory in Washington state.

Now sold all over the world, Almond Roca is an iconic product that brings joy to candy lovers everywhere.

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