All of the snow in North Central Washington during the late fall and winter has made for a busy time at the Chelan County Public Works Department.

County spokesperson, Jill FitzSimmons, says crews were pressed into service earlier than usual during the season and have remained steadily active since then.

"It has been a busy year for our county road crews. Typically we see more snow in the timeframe of January and February but we've had an early year and crews have been out moving snow around since the first part of November."

FitzSimmons says the County isn't experiencing the staffing shortages that many others are in the wake of the pandemic, so they've had plenty of equipment operators to deal with all the snow.

She adds, however, that the County has gone through far more sand and deicer than it usually does by early January and that residents within the county can also lend a hand to those who are working hard to move all the snow out of their way.

"When our crews are not actively plowing, they are pushing back snow to widen access on county roads. And obstacles to that effort like garbage cans need to come off the roadway so that our crews can get in there and push back the snow and widen the access on your roadway for you."

FitzSimmons says the County is monitoring and preparing for another winter weather system that is forecast to bring heavy, wet snow to the higher elevations of the county beginning late Friday and into Saturday morning.

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