Winters east of the Cascades can blast out continuous cold temps - lasting for days, weeks, or longer.

When the thermometer dips - you as a homeowner need to be prepared or pay a costly price.

Checklist when the overnight low dips begin to dip into the low 30s

* Once the irrigation ditch is drained, we hire someone to blow out the irrigation lines and any connecting outdoor faucets - this is a must. 

Source: Mark Rattner with KPQ Newsradio 560
Source: Mark Rattner with KPQ Newsradio 560

* Outdoor faucets connected to house water are completely turned off - no dripping.

* You should place a hard styrofoam cover over the garden hose faucet to protect the connecting pipes.

Canadian homeowners make sure all of the above steps are followed before the low-temperature dips below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.6 Celcius.)

When Should you drip the indoor faucets?

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If any of your water piping is located on the exterior walls of the home, you should drip your faucets once you get into the teens (Fahrenheit) or lower. Consider even opening the cabinet doors to help circulate warm air near the pipes.

Don’t Make This Common Mistake

Many homeowners forget to drip both hot and cold water through the faucet – leaving your pipes unprotected at the end of the process. 

If water isn't flowing through both the hot and cold pipes, then you won't have any freeze protection.

You should also remember that any toilets on the outside wall should be flushed frequently for the same reason.

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