By the title, you would think I knew them off the top of my head, but sadly, I do not. So why not have a nice refresher for us!

"Pineapple Express" in WA has us bracing for floods!


What Should We Do Before a Flood Occurs?

We want to be best prepared in advance, so what are some steps to follow?

1. Plan an evacuation route.

2. Purchase Flood Insurance.

3. Keep all insurance policies and a list of your valuable items in a safe space.

4. Take pictures of your belongings.

5. Listen to your local Radio station / TV reports for flood dangers.

6. Have a full tank of gas in your rig.



What do we do in the event of a flood?

You've prepared, now it's hit, what now?

1. DO NOT try to walk around in or drive through the flooded areas. Water levels rise. Follow the official emergency evacuation routes. If your call stalls in flood waters, get out and get to higher grounds immediately.

2. Stay AWAY, from moving water. It's more powerful than you think.

3. Stay away from disaster areas unless volunteers are needed.

4. Steer clear of downed power lines.

5. If home is flooded, turn off the utilities until emergency officials state otherwise. Avoid weakened floors and roofs.

6. Wash hands frequently with soap and clean water if you come into contact with the floodwaters.



What do we do once the flooding has subsided?

1. Wear Gloves and boots when cleaning up.

2. Open all doors and windows, use fans if possible to air the building out.

3. Wash all clothes and linen in HOT water.

4. Discard matteresses and stuffed furniture.

5. Discard all food that has come into contact with floodwaters.

6. If your well is flooded, your tap water is not safe. The Health Department will help with that.

7. Watch out for weakened road surfaces.

More tips and Source, Here.

Stay Safe and Watch your local weather reports!

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