Many people love and appreciate Dolly Parton. 


On her recent visit to Tacoma’s Pantages Theater, she was asked: Why does everyone, from all walks of life, love her?

Her answer:

“People just accept me because I accept them. I accept everybody I care about, everybody. I try to find the God light in everybody. I try to appreciate and respect who people are. You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to believe what I believe. You just be you and be your best you…I think people know that my heart is good, or I try to be good. I mean, I’m no angel and that’s all anybody can do.” - Dolly Parton

KING 5 Seattle (via YouTube)
Dolly Parton. Pantages Theater (2023) CREDIT: KING 5 Seattle (via YouTube)

She was in town to spread the word of her successful “Imagination Library.” The program helps children from birth to their 5th birthday, learn the powerful gift of reading.

Families (regardless of income) who enroll online, get a free book in the mail, each and every month! Details to enroll your child HERE.

KING 5 Seattle (via YouTube)
KING 5 Seattle (via YouTube)

The Tacoma Youth Symphony started off the visit with a rendition of Dolly’s “9 to 5” She then took to the stage and entertained the crowd with two songs on her sparkly bejeweled guitar, "Coat of Many Colors" and "Try."

KING 5 Seattle (via YouTube)
KING 5 Seattle (via YouTube)

In addition to spreading the word of her Imagination Library, Dolly also hinted to her upcoming album (November 2023 release) that will feature two Washington musicians: A duet with Ann Wilson from Heart - covering “Magic Man.”
Dolly Parton will also cover the Rolling Stones “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” with P!nk and Ravensdale, Washington’s Brandi Carlile

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has been up and running since 1995. The program has delivered more than 200 million free books to children under the age of 5.

More information to enroll your child and get free books every month:

Watch KING 5's full interview with Dolly Parton here:

INFO: KING 5 Seattle, Imagination Library of Washington

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