When is it appropriate to call someone, you do not know, “Honey,” or “Dear.” I feel like the answer should be, never? Like ok, I understand maybe it’s habit, maybe it’s a sign for you being polite. Let me give you a few cringe examples though.  

On a date, and the waitress comes up to the table, 

“Welcome to _____, What can I get for you today?” 

Date: “Hello Dear, I’ll get the.....” 

Me giving the “um, wait what?!” Look. Not out of jealousy but out of “what did just say?!” 

Waitress: “Thank you, and for you ma’am?”  

I order, “Uh yes, I’ll get the... Thank you so much!” 

Date: “Thank you Hon, appreciate you!” 

Ok now this maaaay not come across cringe, but you should have heard it! Seriously, it was almost like demeaning. It wasn’t said in a demeaning way, it was just. I don't know. Not appropriate? I almost feel as though, if the waitress had said it like “What can I getcha darlin...” would have been just fine and if anything, kinda of funny/cute/old fashion.  

Whatever your opinion may be on calling a complete stranger Hon, Sweetie, Honey, puddin pie honey bun, just make sure you aren’t crossing a line. I mean, I do get saying things like that out of habit, but it’s kind of “eeeeewwww” when it’s said to someone who is just trying to work. Or who knows, maybe I’m just not that way so it bothers me?! I don’t know! You tell me! How would that make you feel?  

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