What's is the largest tree in Washington State? The answer lies on the Olympic Peninsula, just south of Forks.

The Duncan Cedar Tree is nearly twenty feet around at the base.

Jason Muir (Facebook)
Jason Muir (Facebook)

The Duncan Cedar, also known as the Duncan Memorial Cedar and the Nolan Creek Tree, is one of the largest Western Redcedars. 

It is currently the second largest known Western redcedar in the world (despite what the sign says near the iconic Duncan Cedar,) after the Cheewhat Giant on Canada's Vancouver Island.

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The height of this tree is 178 feet tall, with a diameter of 19.4 feet at the base, and total volume of trunk is 15330 cubic feet.

The iconic white weathered tree is believed to be over one thousand years old. If only trees could talk.

Jason Muir (Facbook)
Jason Muir (Facbook)

HOW TO GET THERE: The Duncan Memorial Cedar, along Nolan Creek is a little more than a half hour drive, to the south of Forks.

Directions from North Central Washington: 

  • Get on I-90
  • Take the HWY 18 exit, Stay on HWY 18 until I-5
  • Take I-5 South to Olympia, then head west on HWY 101.
  • Stay on HWY 101 until Montesano and continue north on HWY 101.
  • This is your destination address - place into your map app on your smartphone: Braden Creek Rd off, US-101, Forks, WA 98331

For Google Map directions: Click this link

The best rated accommodations near the Duncan Memorial Cedar: 

Camping options: 

Deer Park Campground (28 miles from the Duncan Cedar)

Sol Duc Campground (nearly 22 miles from the Duncan Cedar)

Resort or Hotel options:

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort (located a ¼ mile from the Cedar)

Lake Crescent Lodge (Just under seven miles from the Cedar)

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