We stumbled upon a positive statistic about dog owners - plus found out the most popular running shoe for men & women. We even found out what the world's four most popular exercise destination countries are.

Adults from around Washington and all around the country have made a promise to themselves to hit the gym or get out and onto the canal path for a walk, run, or bike ride.

If you made a promise to make exercise a regular goal in 2024, we’re here for you.

Dog owners gave credit to their four-legged friend to help them get out the door!

‘Pets get us out the door: 76% of Strava athletes with pets say their furry companions help get them out the door when they wouldn’t go otherwise – and that exercising with their pet is more fun.’ -Strava

Exercising with your pet - not only gets you out the door - but it acts as a deterrent to any baddies on the loop trail or neighborhood street. 

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Strava also released some helpful info on exercise and gear in 2023. Nearly 7,000 people Strava users weighed in on several topics


What was the most popular form of exercise in 2023?


What are the fastest-growing exercise activities? 

The off-road adventure sports of gravel biking (Gravel riding increased 55% in the past year,) hiking, trail runs, and mountain bike riding.


What’s the most popular running shoe for women?

1 - HOKA Clifton

2 - Brooks Ghost

What’s the most popular running shoe for men?

1 - Nike Pegasus

2 - HOKA Clifton

Countries in the world - most visited by Strava users from other countries?

1 - Croatia

2 - Greece

3 - Luxembourg

4 -  Austria

Travel Destination: Greece
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