Have you ever wanted to get away and recharge in a beautiful quiet location? I’ve been able to get away for a three-day weekend. It was a great memory - but it would have been even better with a friend or with a tribe of family members.

How many cabins and Lookouts are available to rent?

Did you know, that there are about 130 rental cabins and lookouts managed by the Forest Service in Oregon and Washington? If you like to hike to a cabin or a lookout - and gaze up at a full sky of brightly lit stars and passing satellites. We have some links for you to check out.

Cabin on the lake CREDIT Your Northwest Forests via Facebook
Cabin on the lake CREDIT Your Northwest Forests via Facebook

Get a reservation and go!

Look below for some great rental cabins and lookouts in the following Pacific Northwest regions.

You’re sure to make memories for you and your loved ones.


INFO: Forest Service

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