Girl Scouts and Wenatchee Police Fight Graffiti 

Not long ago, I got a Facebook message from my neighbor, that someone spray-painted graffiti on my family’s property. It took a trip to Home Depot to rent a pressure washer, a couple of can’s of paint remover, and my neighbor’s assistance to remove it from my property. The faster we can remove it the better. 

Why should we as a community stand up and remove graffiti?

1 - Good Customers (of your place of business) or quality renters (for your rental) are more likely to choose a neat, attractive, graffiti-free building than one that is covered with graffiti. 

2 - Removing it promptly signals that your neighborhood is the wrong place to mess with.  If you ignore graffiti -  it will attract other criminals to mark up your building. The assumption is made that it’s poorly monitored. 

3 - Get it off quickly! The longer the graffiti is left on your building, the deeper it gets below the surface - causing even more damage will be done to protect the material underneath it. 

NOTE: Putting off removing graffiti will lower your property value, negatively impact your business, and give the general impression that your property is not worth much. 

The good people at told us about our local Girl Scouts and Brownies joining forces with the Wenatchee Police Department.

Last Saturday (September 30th,) they both took a stand against graffiti in South Wenatchee!


About 16 girls and their families met Corporal Ron Wilson at the corner of Crawford Ave and Cascade Street. Together, they painted over a wall - marked up with gang tags. Now the community gets to enjoy a wall of flowers and butterflies with the message: "Make The World A Better Place." 

A great message for all of us in the Wenatchee Valley!

Girl Scouts stamp out graffiti CREDIT:
Girl Scouts stamp out graffiti CREDIT:

Thanks to for bringing another great story of people in our area - doing the right thing!

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