Connor & Aly took time to chat with Dawn Davies, the Executive Director of the Wenatchee Humane Society. We chatted about their Pets of the Week, named after some iconic TV characters (and you’ll notice that WE HAVEN’T WATCHED BREAKING BAD…apologies if you love that show. There’s still time for us to binge it). We also learn about ways you can support the animals and help with some fun upcoming fundraisers!


Connor: Dawn, thank you for doing what you do for the Humane Society

Dawn Davies: It's an honor. Truly is. I have some much compassion for this organization and everything that they do.  I’m just really so happy to come back for a short term, while they finish their executive search. 

C: Well again thank you. Pet of the week: Who's our little buddy? 

DD: Well we have two little bunnies. They’re just adorable. Jesse Pinkman and Walter White.

WALTER WHITE (Credit: Wenatchee Humane Society)


JESSE PINKMAN (Credit: Wenatchee Humane Society)
JESSE PINKMAN (Credit: Wenatchee Humane Society)

Aly:  Cute! (laugh)

DD:  Guess where those names came from right? (laughs)

A: What movie is that from? 

DD: Breaking Bad. 

A: Breaking Bad, that’s what I thought it was gonna be. That’s funny.

DD: Yeah…Obviously someone was a fan.  They’re very cute. These little guys have been here for a little while and every once in a while, it's really important to feature some of the other critters that we have. It's not just cats and dogs. We get hamsters, we get guinea pigs, we get birds. And we have these two adorable little bunnies. Its kinda easy for people to forget about. We do have a little barn back there. Over the course of the year we can get chickens we can get roosters we’ve had peacocks we’ve had pigs, We’ve had horses occasionally, so yeah it’s not all about cats and dogs even though we love them very very much 

C: So how do we see the pictures of our little breaking bad bunnies?

DD:  Our Breaking Bad bunnies, Jesse and Walter, are at and click on adoptable and then click click on critters and you will find them there. They’re only $20 each. And they're just fun little males - they’re all fixed and ready to go home. They love to have vegetables for treats. They love cilantro, parsley, kale, and they’re a lot of fun. They toss things around and they fetch! Think bunnies for a pet. they’re quiet.

C:  That's true. They won’t wake ya up at 2 AM like my cats.

DD: (laughs) That's right. Yes, like my dog.

C: Hey, Dawn Davies, Wenatchee Humane Society,  what is the next fundraiser coming up for the organization?

DD:  Well, two things real quickly:  

  • This Saturday (November 12th) is the crafts fair at the Senior Center (Wenatchee Senior Center on Maple Street, next to Foothills Middle School) so you can look for us with the booth there.

  • And then the big one  - we're so happy to have back again - is the holiday brunch. And that’s (Saturday) December 10th (at the BPOE Grand Ballroom - 27 S Chelan Ave Wenatchee, WA 98801)  

Tickets are on sale. Go to our website at and it’s gonna be featured right (on the front page) click on it - tickets are only $40 each or get a whole group of friends: Table for 10 is $375. Includes a fantastic brunch and there will be mimosas and bloody Marys there.  And all of the proceeds will go to our medical fund to help critters like Jesse and Walter and dogs and cats and whoever else we get there.  It’s a great cause and so much fun. 


A: You did. You had me at mimosas (Laughs)

DD: Right? Did I mention wreaths raffles. Lots of fun wreaths. We have elves making wreaths, plus mimosa‘s, bloody Mary’s - great food - great fun - we’ll even do a little craft project and tell a few stories about animals and welcome in the holiday season. Again all the information to attend is

C: Dawn Davies we appreciate you so much. 

DD: Thank you for all you do take care.

Credit: Wenatchee Humane Society

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