Another winter snow storm is heading into North Central Washington. 

Laurie Nisbet with the National Weather Service says it won't have one element that brought an ice to the area over Christmas weekend. 

"The system we're expecting later today through tomorrow, right now, we don't have freezing in the forecast," said Nisbet. "So, hopefully not as impactful as far as icy conditions." 

Nisbet says the system will leave about four inches of snow in Wenatchee through tomorrow, with most of it falling overnight tonight. 

Leavenworth should get about seven inches, while there'll be 4-5 inches on the Waterville Plateau. 

Moses Lake and the Columbia Basin should receive 1-2 inches of snow. 

Nisbet says driving will still be impacted tomorrow morning. 

"The heavier snow will occur overnight, like after 10pm tonight through early Friday morning, where you could probably have about three inches on the ground (in Wenatchee) by tomorrow morning when you're headed out to work," Nisbet said. "So, expect some impacts or slow going for the Friday morning commute." 

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