Late Friday night (January 5th, 2024) an Alaska Airlines flight from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, California (the Los Angeles metro) had the unfortunate malfunction of a door plug panel violently blowing off the fuselage.

All 174 passengers and 6 crew members made it back safely to the ground.

When the fuselage blew off - it took with it, a boy's shirt and a couple of smartphones.

"One passenger...said that a kid had to be held in his seat by his mom ...and people lost their phones which were sucked out of the plane." -FOX 12 Portland

NTSB Investigates Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 After Section Of Plane Blew Off During Flight
PORTLAND, OREGON - JANUARY 7th: Plastic covers the exterior of the fuselage plug area of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 Boeing 737-9 MAX on January 7th in Portland, Oregon. A door-sized section near the rear of the plane blew off 10 minutes after Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 took off from Portland, Oregon on January 5th on its way to Ontario, California. (Photo by NTSB via Getty Images)

Both Alaska Airlines and United Airlines have had to cancel flights that were scheduled to use the Boeing 737 MAX 9. The type of plane that lost the door plug on Friday.

A man recovered an iPhone - that was sucked out of an Alaska Airlines flight - and it's still working falling 14,000-foot!

So both phones were found. One was confirmed as still working. No word on the other smartphone that was ripped out of the plane.

How can a smartphone survive a fall from thousands of feet up?

To give an idea of how it possibly survived, let's watch footage of another smartphone that happened to survive the fall from another plane.

How did this particular smartphone survive the fall?

* Air resistance on the smartphone

* The phone landed on sand - a relatively soft surface.

INFO: FOX 12 Portland, CNN

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