I’m a bit of a rebel. If you tell me something can’t be done, then I’ll try to prove you wrong - and, If I am given instructions on how to do something with specific parameters, I’ll try to find the easiest way to get that thing done.

5 Rather Shocking Oregon Laws That Might Make You Shake Your Head
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I’m likely to look for the loopholes that I can get away with.


The only exception that my feisty personality will yield to is when it comes to following the letter of the law. That’s where I draw the line and try my utmost to do exactly as I’m told (whenever possible). I don’t like jail, I don’t like getting speeding tickets, and I certainly don’t want to acquire a rap sheet that’s a mile long!

Most of the time, I can understand and agree with the logic behind laws, but sometimes, lawmakers take it a bit too far. When a law seems to be too restrictive or oversteps of what I feel are the lines of liberty, I get angry.

These are five laws in Oregon that I actually agree with except for the last one.


1 . Powdered Alcohol intended for Human Consumption

Powdered Alcohol Illegal in OR
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Powdered alcohol is illegal in Oregon (except for commercial and industrial use)
Defined as “powdered or crystalline substance that contains any alcohol for either direct use or reconstitution.”

2 . Certain Weed Names

Certain Weed Strain Names Are Restricted in Oregon
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You can’t name a weed strain after any toys kids might want to play with, characters in any movie, TV show, cartoon, or book that was made for children.

You also cannot name your strains of the doobie (my words) after foods targeted to or by children. So, sorry, even though it’s a generic name for Lucky Charms, you can’t create a strain called “Marshmallow Mateys.”

False or misleading names. The examples given by the Oregon government include:

“Green Crack, Opium, or Special K.”


3 . Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns Are Illegal in Oregon Due to Fire Hazard and Airspace Regulations

“A person may not release a sky lantern into the airspace of this state.” - Oregon Public Law

You can get a citation from the State Fire Marshall, the Director of the Oregon Department of Aviation, the State Forestry Department, or any employee of Oregon’s State Parks and Recreation Department.

4 . No Pet Bears (or wolves, leopards, jaguars, and apes)

Pet Bears Are Illegal in Oregon but Stuffed Teddy Bears Are OK (for now)

Bears, with the exception of the American Black Bear, are considered exotic wild animals and therefore cannot be owned. But don’t fret; stuffed teddy bears are OK.

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5 . Psychic Mediums in Yamhill County

Fortune Tellers Psychics Astrologists Tarot Card Readers Are Illegal in Oregon

It is an unclassified misdemeanor to be a fortune teller, astrologist, psychic medium, or palm reader in the city of Yamhill.

§ 5.08.110 Occult Arts.
Code/Ttl 5: Offenses/Ch 5.08: GENERAL OFFENSES
You cannot “reveal or analyze past incidents or events, analyze or define the character or personality of a person, or foretell or reveal the future. No person shall for hire or profit engage in the practice of occult arts, either public or private.” - Ecode360.com


Have fun not doing illegal stuff in Oregon!



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