First responders in the Grant County area are reminding boaters about the importance of wearing a life jacket after an incident on O'Sullivan Reservoir early Sunday morning.

Grant County Fire District No. 5 responded to a distress call at Perch Point Resort in the 5900 block of Road J Southeast just after midnight.

Spokesperson Kyle Foreman of the Grant County Sheriff's Office says a Yakima area couple in their 40s had swam to shore after reporting that their boat had capsized.

"EMTs found the couple suffering from exposure. They were transported to Samaritan Healthcare for treatment."

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Foreman says it appeared that the two had been in the water for quite some time.

"Firefighters believe the couple had been in the water for over ninety minutes and credit life jackets, also known as personal floatation devices or PFDs for helping save the lives of the man and woman."

Foreman says life jackets greatly reduce the chance of drowning due to cold shock and swimming failure and can also keep a person floating on the surface if they become exhausted or incapacitated.

It is not known what caused the couple's boat to capsize.

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