Residents and visitors in the Plain and Lake Wenatchee areas might notice smoke billowing in the vicinity of Shugart Flats Road this week.

Chelan County spokesperson, Jill FitzSimmons, says the smoke will be emanating from a controlled burn in the area.

"Folks can expect to see some smoke in the air where we have our maintenance pit, but there's nothing to be alarmed about."

FitzSimmons says the burn involves vegetation and other natural refuse produced from past maintenance projects in the county.

"This is all just stuff that's from our day-to-day maintenance. Sometimes our crews might need to take down a hazardous tree or its limbs or things that are blocking our right-of-ways. So this is all stuff that's been accumulated in our daily maintenance work and has been piling up."

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The burn is expected to happen either tomorrow (Tuesday, May 14) or Wednesday (May 15), depending on weather conditions.

The County will have crews on site who will keep a close eye on the blaze and will have water tenders standing by in the unlikely event the burn spreads unexpectedly.

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