The City of Wenatchee is hiring a three-person crew to address a variety of ad hoc maintenance tasks on a seasonal basis.

The trio will work under the City's Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department from April to September every year.

City Administrator, Laura Gloria, says the crew will focus on several critical needs, including litter collection.

"Last year alone, over one hundred thousand pounds of trash was collected in our parks and that's something that our Parks Department has been actively addressing but we need more help."

Gloria says the new crew will also assist with ongoing vandalism issues at the bathrooms in the City's parks.

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"You'd be very surprised to hear just how creative folks can get when it comes to vandalizing our bathrooms. We want to be able to keep those open to the public and have them be usable and accessible but a big piece of that is having a crew that can constantly help maintain them and address any vandalism quicker."

Gloria adds the new threesome will also aid with graffiti clean up and general maintenance at the City's parks and other facilities.

The City will be taking applications for the new positions for the next few weeks and hopes to have them filled by the end of the month.

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