Library patrons have a full slate of activities to look forward to this summer.

The NCW Summer Library Program begins on June 7. In the weeks that follow, the Grant County PUD’s Monster Detective Collective intends to school young patrons on the dos and don'ts of sustainable living. This program covers energy conservation and efficiency, among other pertinent topics.

Mastery of the material will result in certification as a Monster Detective. There is no higher honor.

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The fun continues with Mariachi, Music & Me! This involves Mariachi Noroeste serenading the audience with "traditional Mexican music," according to a press release. It's not clear if Mariarchi Noroeste plans to hold a formal Q&A, but patrons can expect to learn about the group's creative process, its choice of instruments and its zesty, florid costumes.

This program is "interactive," bilingual and suitable for all ages.

Last - but certainly not least - of the summer library entertainment is Aaron Canwell. True to his name, Canwell can strum a ukulele extraordinarily well. Throughout August he'll be conducting "high-energy" ukulele seminars in Coulee City, Oroville and elsewhere.

Formerly based in Portland, Canwell is a natural showman whose day job is fronting a "kiddie dance party band" called Micah and Me. The band has won several awards. His library seminars are suitable for most ages (10 and up).

The NCW Libraries ecosystem is vast, encompassing more than 30 locations. Each library enjoys a measure of autonomy, hosting events that are community-specific and branch-specific. (Only in Wenatchee, for example, does the library host a silent reading party.)

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