The Wenatchee Public Library is holding a Grand Reopening to celebrate the completion of a nearly decade-long project to revitalize the facility.

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Friends of the Wenatchee Library launched a capital campaign that led to the completion of the nearly $2.5 million project in two phases.

The first phase started in 2019 and ended in 2020 while the second phase construction began earlier this year and ended this month.

The first phase focused on upgrades to the heating and cooling system as well as interior and exterior painting of the building, new lighting, flooring, furniture, and shelving.

Technology got a boost in the first phase. As well, the Lion's Club meeting room was added on the first floor and the information desk was moved to a centralized location. In addition, the library's bathroom was updated and a water refill station was added in the first phase.

Friends of the Wenatchee Library raised $1.4 million which covered the costs of the first phase, but didn't complete the scope of work desired.

To finish the project, NCW Libraries was able to secure a $775,000 grant from the state Department of Commerce. The money was used to pay for the construction of the young adult area and additional flexible meeting space.

NCW Libraries Communications Manager Amanda Brack says the meeting space will fulfill a major need.

"In doing community engagement over the past several years, we just heard over and over again that local agencies, nonprofits, educators need flexible meeting space that's free of charge," said Brack. "So, that was a top priority for us."

The new flexible meeting space adds three rooms to an existing one. The rooms vary in size with the smallest able to house 13 people and the biggest one able to accommodate 79 people. Everything in the meeting rooms can be moved around to accommodate many different functions.

Phase two started in January and just finished up.

It also includes a gallery for public art displays, a caregiver’s room, and stroller parking next to the children’s area

NCW Libraries contributed money to the project as did the city of Wenatchee.

The Grand Reopening Open House takes place Thursday, June 20 with the following lineup of events:

The library will also host an after-hours event for Teens in the new Teen Space on June 29.

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