Link Transit is holding an open house on Thursday for the public to get an inside look at its maintenance facility and electrification program. 

Link spokesperson Eric West says visitors will have a chance to see their state-of-the-art dispatch system among other things. 

"It's all computer-operated," said West. "We track our buses via GPS, so we know where they're at on the route. It's just a really, kind of, unique opportunity for people to see behind the scenes of how their transit system runs on a daily basis." 

Link was one of the first transit systems in the country to heavily invest in electric buses. It now has a fleet of 23 fully electrified buses.  

The transit says the open house is an opportunity to see how the electric buses operate and view the vast recharging infrastructure in place. 

West says they'll also be gathering information and suggestions from community members at the event. 

"If they want information on specific routes or request for service, you'd like to see something here and there," West said. "It's an opportunity to get some feedback from the folks in our community and let’em see how we do things daily." 

Members of Link’s planning and development team will be on hand to chat with residents and share insights, answer questions, and discuss plans that are in place for capital projects and improvements to service. 

Transportation-themed mocktails and some food items will be offered at the open house. 

Guests will have a chance to win some door prizes and take home some Link Transit promotional items. 

The open house will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday, April 25 at the Link Transit maintenance facility, 2700 Euclid Avenue in Wenatchee. 

The Link Transit board of directors recently voted not to repeal a portion of a sales tax approved by voters in 2019 after some board members suggested it should be put before voters again. 

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