The old Wenatchee Police Station is in the process of being sold. 

The city council approved a purchase and sale agreement at their last meeting with the Nick McLean Real Estate Group for $525,000. 

Wenatchee City Administrator Laura Gloria says they're now going through a 30-day feasibility period with McLean. 

"If at any point in time during that 30 days they decide that the building is not what they wanted it to be, or they won't be able to use, or it doesn't end up working, then they are able to terminate the contract," said Gloria. "After the 30 days they are in essence accepting the building." 

McLean Real Estate has not announced what it intends to do with the old police station, which was built in 1931. 

The City of Wenatchee passed a bond in 2001 to replace the building and a new police headquarters has long been in place at 104 S. Mission Street. 

The former station at 135 S. Chelan Avenue has continued to be used to house other departments. 

The city's Information Technology Department occupied the building until it moved into the new city hall at 301 Yakima Street in October of 2022. 

"Once we built the new city hall, we moved a lot of folks into this building, some into the public services building, so we were able to absorb those staff into our newer existing facilities," Gloria said. 

Gloria said the old police station was on the market for about three weeks after the city council opted to surplus it in April. 

Last year, the city entered into an agreement to sell it's old fire station at 136 South Chelan Avenue to the Dime Food Group of Seattle for $520,000.  

The group plans to spend up to $4.5 million to convert the building into a restaurant by 2026. 

The city has a purchase and sale agreement with Dime that contains a development clause. The sale has not closed yet as the city is waiting for progress to be made in developing the property into a restaurant. 

The sale of the old police station is proceeding without such a restriction.


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