Wenatchee Police are looking for a suspect who robbed a Subway sandwich shop in the 900 block of North Mission Street this week. 

Officers say a man wearing a facemask dangled what looked like a black semi-automatic pistol in front of employees but did not point it at anyone. 

Police Captain Edgar Reinfeld says the workers were wise to comply with the suspects' demands.   

"The employees were compliant," Reinfeld said. "They gave him the money in the till, and he left. That's probably the best outcome for the employees as well, is that they kept it simple, and they got him out of there. And they were able to call 911 immediately." 

Investigators are pursuing possible people of interest in the case. 

The suspect is described about 6 foot tall with medium to heavy build. 

Security video did not captured the robbery. 

Reinfeld says robberies in Wenatchee are highly unusual and the suspects almost never get away. 

"The vast majority of robberies that we've had, including an armed bank robbery, I remember years and years ago, we catch the suspects almost immediately," said Reinfeld. "They rarely get far. This was obviously a different sort of case." 

Reinfeld said it was possible the suspect eluded officers with a quick change of clothes may have had getaway car standing by. 

He said they don’t have an identity and don’t know if the suspect is even still in the Wenatchee Valley. Reinfeld said they’re still working on some angles to try and capture the man. 

The robbery took place just before 7 pm Monday. 


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