Some record-high temperatures will likely be broken today with the unseasonably warm, dry weather in North Central Washington. 

Things will change in a big way starting tomorrow and Thursday. 

National Weather Service Meteorologist Charlotte Dewey says a cold front is moving in from the west coast. 

“This one’s kind of digging down from the Gulf of Alaska, so it’s bringing us cooler, wetter air that’s going to come in and move our high-pressure warm weather off to the east,” said Dewey. “And so that will influence our cooler and wetter weather.” 

The North Central Washington region will not see 70-degree weather for at least a week and a half once the cold front moves in. 

Dewey says the region could see more waves of cool weather moving into spring, but not much in the way of snow. 

“There’s still time that we’ll see these systems come through that could cool us down a little bit, but we’re going to be pretty hard-pressed to see much in the way of snowfall accumulation if we do have widespread precipitation this time of year,” Dewey said. 

Meanwhile, Wenatchee will likely break its record high of 68 today with the forecast from the Weather Service calling for 77 degrees.   

Moses Lake could also see its record high of 72 broken with the forecast calling for 73 degrees.  

Waterville’s record high for March 19 is only 67 degrees, which today’s forecast of 67 degrees could equal.  

Leavenworth may not see its record high for the date, 74 degrees, as today’s forecast calls for 73 degrees. 

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