The United States Postal Service (USPS) has announced it will be conducting a review of its mail processing facilities in Wenatchee in the coming weeks.

USPS spokesperson Kim Frum says the review will focus on a variety of items that are critical to postal operations in the area.

"Some of the study criteria that goes into these reviews includes looking at projected savings, addressing any service issues, the transportation and logistics networks, processing facility capacity, equipment usage, and how we can maximize capacity across the board."

The review is part of the USPS's ten-year Delivering for America plan that's investing $40 billion to modernize the nation's aging postal processing and delivery network.

Frum adds that reviews like the one happening in Wenatchee are a common part of the how the Postal Service oversees its operations.

"It's not an unusual thing to have these reviews. The Postal Service regularly reviews its processing and delivery networks to make sure our facilities and our services are in the best position to not only give increased customer service reliability but also a better workplace environment for all of our employees."

The USPS says the review will have minimal impacts to its customer service in the area, and that post office retail and delivery services are expected to remain unchanged.

Public input is also being gathered as part of the review process and members of the community can submit written comments and suggestions by clicking here.

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