The latest fast-food buzz is that McDonald's is bringing back three items for the summer that are fan favorites.  

according to,
The menu is changing up in a few weeks and the star of the show will be a new burger known as The Hat Trick, which is larger than your average Maccies item with three beef patties stacked up inside.”

Yeah, that's just what I need, another beef Patty in my burger. My cardiologist has already decided I'm trying to kill myself. If I wanted to abuse myself that way, I'd get a Wendy's triple. Also coming on May 29th is the “Chicken Share Box”. Basically, Nuggets with some extra sauces. And speaking of sauces, they have some new recipes. including a garlic mayo sauce and a sweet smokey BBQ sauce 

Now, you know, I like Nuggets and I like the spicy Nuggets, (a lot). But for me, I don't necessarily need a new sauce. I've always been a big fan of the hot mustard sauce. I will admit though, I'm going to try this sweet smoky BBQ sauce at least once. (You never know, it could wind up being awesome.

They are also bringing back mozzarella bites, with spicy tomato sauce and the Skittles Mcflurry. (sorry, I'll pass on that one).  

McDonald's is also going to roll out a new dessert pie. 

According to,
“Fans of the chain previously hailed the current Galaxy Caramel pie the ‘best thing ever’ to be on the menu, and it seems McDonald’s is giving the people what they want as they’re set to put a new spin on it. This version is said to be ‘a delicious combination of smooth chocolate and sweet fruit’, with crispy chocolate pastry filled with a smooth chocolate ganache and a raspberry compote.”

Don't even ask, Of course I'm going to try it. To rehash an old joke, it's all part of my seafood diet. When I see it, I eat it. 

McDonald's unveils huge new triple burger and fan-favourites returning to menu ( 

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