Seems like thieves and crimes are ever so prevalent. Never ending if you will.

So how does one combat people trying to steal our stuff?


How do we even know what the person wants to steal?

We don't. BUT we do know what items are stolen the most.

Thanks to The Weekly Journal They did some digging and found the most common items that are stolen.

Items Most Likely to be Stolen in WA

Below are items that are most likely to be stolen from our homes.

Gallery Credit: Aly

If someone wants something bad enough, they will find a way.

Kind of a scary statement, but it's true!

I will add this, where I live, if anyone tried to steal anything, GOOD LUCK. my stairs to my place are so narrow, it was hard even getting my bed up the stairs, let alone everything else. I'd like to thank the owners of the house I live in for not expanding the halls, it's an old 1908 house, and thief proof (I hope).


Have you ever had anything stolen from your home?

"Washington has the highest larceny and theft rate compared to other states. According to the study, the state has a larceny/theft rate of 2133.6 per 100,000 residents. There were 179,545 larceny-theft incidents and 179,545 offenses reported in the state in 2022, according to the FBI crime report." - Source

Well, that's not very comforting. But reality.

Make sure you are locking your doors at night, that you aren't leaving valuables in your car, and invest in security cameras! Better safe than sorry.

Don't live in fear, get protection.

However, you see fit, protect yourself and your property.

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