Yes, it's going to be a hot summer in Washington State.

Are you ready?


I do reccomend finding a friend that owns a boat. And then assist that friend with gas so you can gop play with said friend on the water.

Great, now anytime I go to make a friend they will wonder if it's because they have a boat or not. Honesty is the best policy though. hehehe.


So, what are some things we can actually get for ourselves to ensure an amazing summer?

Your 8 Essentials for a Perfect Washington State Summer.

Don't let the heat keep you from having fun! Here's your summer checklist!

Gallery Credit: Aly

Are we even going to have a hot girl summer? I mean a hot summer?

Well, here's an idea of what our Summer will be like here in WA.

Washington State is About to be HOT this Summer.

So, yes it will be hot BUT we have our essentials guide, we will be ok.

I have two favorite times of the year. 1st is Fall, man I love those autumn leaves and 2nd is Summer. My whole life I've grown up by the Columbia River, in fact it would be super weird to not have a body of water right next to where I live. Seems normal?

I could always expect growing up to have two major shopping trips too, one for school clothes and the second for summer clothes. Man, when I was little, I LOVED getting a new swimsuit, now it seems as an adult, I can't wait to AVOID the swimsuit aisle.

Cheers to a beautifully Hot, and hydrating Summer!

Tips on Staying Cool In Washington State

While some of these might seem obvious, they are always a good reminder :).

Gallery Credit: Aly

Counties with the worst droughts in Washington

Washington State is continuing its drought emergency into 2024, citing low snowpack and hot, dry forecasts. Here are the counties most affected by drought, based on data from the U.S. Drought Monitor to identify the counties in Washington with the worst droughts in the week leading up to April 30, 2024.
Note: "Abnormally dry" is not considered to be a drought, but is included as a separate data point.

Gallery Credit: Jaime Skelton


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