It's almost that time!

The Splash Pads will being opening at Rotary Park this weekend!

Roarty Park and Eastmont Community Park Splash Pads, open Memorial Day Weekend 11am- 8pm

Lincoln Park Splash Pad to open soon.

The Wading Pools at Pennsylvania and Washington Parks open in June through August. 1pm - 5pm weekdays.

That's right! Get the kids excited.

Roarty Park and Lincoln Park in Wenatchee WA are about to be fully engulfed with people, including me and my little one.

Splash Pads are the best summer activity for any age.

As a momma of a little one who loves to play in water, splash pads are my saving grace for the summertime.

Let's be honest, sometimes we can't just say "yes" to going to the water slides, but a splash pad isn't too far from us.

Cost effective too!

All you need are a few essentials and boom, you're ready for the perfect splash pad day.

The 7 Essentials for the Perfect Day at the Splash Pads

I love taking my little girl to the Splash Pads in Wenatchee WA. I've compiled everything you will need to ensure a great time!

Gallery Credit: Aly

I'm so dang excited!

Last summer, my little one and I really took advantage of the splash pads and all the fun that comes with them. From making friends to just flat out running around without a care in the world. I as a mom am so dang thankful for the parks in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee that have these for the kids. So fun and so easy to go to and just hang out. Plus, if the kids want to run around and dry off, they have playground toys to head to as well. Easily a whole day of fun!

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