It’s not every day you go into a grocery store and see a fight break out. Despite what you’ve heard, the city of Yakima (and it's borderline city of Union Gap) is pretty tame except when it comes to random fights!


A user on Facebook uploaded a fight happening inside of a Costco in Union Gap, which is blended into the city of Yakima. The fight occurred in the winter of 2023, but the video is starting to get viral attention. (Video below.)

Whoever recorded the video of this fight was stunned that this was happening right before their eyes. Commenters revealed the Costco fight began when a Woman #1 hit Woman #2 in the parking lot over a parking space and then Woman #2’s son came after Woman #1 for putting hands on his mom.

The video begins with a scene of customers yelling at each other inside the Costco. The fisticuffs seemed to have escalated in the clothing section of the store. They are trying to prevent a young man from punching people.

Several patrons with huge Costco shopping carts scrambled to get out of the way as they watched the punches being thrown between a man wearing dark clothing and white tennis shoes who appears to be in his mid-twenties and a petite woman wearing a blue shirt, gray hoodie and dark pants.

Best Reactions to the Costco Fight in Union Gap, WA

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Employees and customers are seen trying to break up the fight, with one customer (in a black jacket, black shirt, blue jeans, a thick goatee and glasses) getting between the two fighters and yelling, “STOP!” while holding out his hands to create some physical distance between the melee.

A Costco employee shows up next, but he stands around without interfering because the customers had successfully halted the fight.

A customer can be heard yelling, “He hit women! That man right there is hitting women!”

The rest of the video shows customers blocking the young man’s access to other patrons to stop him from attempting to fight some more. You can also see Costco employees putting knocked over sweaters and other clothes back onto the product tables.

So far, the video of the Costco fight has over 101,000 views and has been shared over 300 times.

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