Who would be angry that they were driven to The Most Magical Place on Earth? Apparently, one man caused quite the damage to a local bus, all because the driver just did their job.

The incident took place in November 2023 when 37-year-old Orlando local, Elijah Thomas, took a  Lynx bus from downtown Orlando and fell asleep during the ride. He was woken up at the final stop, the bus drop off at Disney Springs, the shopping district of Walt Disney World Resort. Despite the bus driver telling Thomas to get off the bus as it was the last stop for his route, he reportedly became "irate" and then began to scream and curse at the driver.

The Orange County Sheriff's report noted that the driver managed to get him off of the bus before closing the door on him and getting two passengers traveling the other way to get on the bus. While he was outside he said that he needed to go to SeaWorld and not the Disney Resort.

“When [the driver] would not allow him on the bus, Elijah punched the front door glass several times and then kicked the bottom glass of the front door causing it to break in a spider web pattern,” the report stated.

He ended up fleeing the scene on foot and managed to walk just outside the Typhoon Lagoon water park on Buena Vista Drive, where he was stopped by authorities and positively identified by the bus driver.

The Florida state attorney's office just recently decided not to prosecute the offender who was originally under arrest for criminal mischief. The court filing stated that the case was "not suitable for prosecution."

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