The Wenatchee Bighorns are the newest team in the Valley. This newly formed squad plays in “The Basketball League” - or the TBL. The Bighorns played their season and franchise opener, Thursday night at the Town Toyota Center.

The Bighorns scheduled opponent, the Seattle Super Hawks were unable to make it over the snowy Cascade Mountains.  The Vancouver (Washington) Volcanoes were kind enough to stand in and make the five hour drive. The Bighorns won the opener, 129-65 and won over a bunch of the 1,000 plus spectators.

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We were able to have another member of the Wenatchee Bighorns to visit with us. Jaylen Nixon relocated across the country to keep his basketball dream alive.

Jaylen Nixon (Wenatchee Bighorns)
Jaylen Nixon (Wenatchee Bighorns)

Jaylen Nixon started playing high school basketball his senior year at Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia. When his parents moved to Philadelphia, Jaylen transferred to the Phelps School. He didn’t get a college offer out of high school and decided to walk on at the Community College of Philadelphia. Hard work and getting play quality players in the big city payed him huge dividends. In Jaylen's first season of college ball (2017-18) Jaylen averaged 18.5 points per game and was named the Eastern Pennsylvania Athletic Conference Player of the year. After a great season of JUCO basketball, Lavar Ball encouraged him to play in the new JBA League.

After another great year and yet another step up the basketball ladder, COVID put a hold on the JBA and Jaylen's basketball progress. He was next given an opportunity to play at an overseas showcase to play professionally in Spain. However, a new strain of COVID put this endeavor on hold as well.

Last month, Jaylen Nixon showed his hoop skills at the TBL basketball combine and got the attention of the Wenatchee Bighorns.

Connor: Jaylen, thanks for taking time with us. My son and I went to your first game last night (Thursday, March 2nd). You guys really put on a great show. Jaylen, how old are you?

Jaylen Nixon: 25

C: What number do you wear for the Bighorns?

JN: #2

C: Who has inspired or motivated you to play basketball in college?

JN: My dad & sister motivated me to play college basketball. (Editor’s note: Jaylen’s sister is Chyna Nixon, who helped Neumann-Goretti High School win three state titles. She played college ball at Ole Miss and Temple University in Philly).

Jaylen Nixon at the Smith Gymnasium, WVC campus (Wenatchee Bighorns)
Jaylen Nixon at the Smith Gymnasium, WVC campus (Wenatchee Bighorns)

C: How far do you wish to go with basketball, and what’s your plan to get there?

JN: I would like to have a long career in basketball, maybe between 10-12 years. I want to play overseas and ultimately end up in the NBA or G-League. My plan is to just enjoy the journey that God has put me on and wherever I end up I’ll be truly grateful.

C: Who are your favorite players and why?

JN: My favorite NBA players are Kevin Durant & Kobe Bryant because they are very skilled and take their crafts very seriously. My favorite player outside the NBA is my sister Chyna Nixon because she’s the one that pushed me and motivated me to be better than her growing up.

C: What other sports do you like?

JN: My favorite sports are baseball and football. I was a pitcher & outfielder in high school. In football, I was a quarterback & wide receiver. Basketball was a sport I got into late growing up but I always played it because my friends and sister played it.

C: Who are your role models?

JN: My role models are Lebron James,  Kobe Bryant, and Jesse “Filayyy” Jones.

Jaylen Nixon at the Smith Gymnasium, WVC campus (Wenatchee Bighorns)
Jaylen Nixon at the Smith Gymnasium, WVC campus (Wenatchee Bighorns)

C: What is your earliest memory of basketball?

JN: I remember my mom buying me a bunch of basketball mini hoops every year for Christmas and I would break them the 1st day just by dunking on it.

C: Mini-hoops in the hallway, That sounds like me, growing up! What song or album are you loving right now?

JN: I listen to a variety of music but right now I I’m listening to all of lil durk albums, lil baby albums, & the new SZA Album

Connor: Yes! That SOS album from SZA is so good. Jaylen, thank you for visiting with us. We’ll be rooting for you and your teammates this season. Thanks for driving up here and relocating your life. You’re helping put basketball on the map in Wenatchee!

The TBL has arrived in Wenatchee! Don’t miss the Bighorn’s next home game: 

Salem Capitals vs. Wenatchee Bighorns

Sunday March 5th

Tipoff: 3pm




The Wenatchee Bighorns are part of the 9 team West Conference.

Our 8 divsion rivals are:

Bakersfield Majestics (Coached by Marc Mo)

California Sea-Kings (Based in San Jose - coached by former NBA player Wallace Bryant)

Los Angeles Flash (Based in Carson, California - coached by Olin Simplis)

Salem Capitals (Based in Salem, Oregon - coached by Brian Stevens)

Seattle Super-Hawks (Home court is at SPU’s Royal Brougham Pavilion - coached by former NBA player and Washington Husky Alum, Eldridge Recasner)

Long Beach Blue Waves (Based in Long Beach, CA - No coaching info available)

San Diego Sharks (Coached by Brandon Cheeks)

Vancouver Volcanoes (Based in Vancouver, Washington - Home court is at the O’Connell Sports Center - Coached by Jeff Perrault)

The Wenatchee Bighorns are coached by Don Sims

Don comes to Wenatchee with 17 years of coaching experience. He recently was the head coach of the Seattle Mountaineers - an independent team, with the purpose of getting their players to a higher level of pro basketball. Learn more on Coach Don Sims, from a recent article on

Wenatchee Bighorns Team INFO

HOME COURT: Wenatchee Town Toyota Center



Wenatchee Bighorns
Wenatchee Bighorns

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