It’s Illegal in WA to Do This Fun Activity in Your Yard…$205 Fine

As a longtime Washington resident, I’ve lived when one of my favorite summertime activities was legal. When I was younger - my mom would take me and my little sister down to the grocery store parking lot. We would pick out $20 of oddly labeled products and place them in a paper bag.  This was probably the most exciting shopping spree a small boy could have.

I then remember having to wait until a specific date on the calendar to take the items out of the brown paper bag. I'd practically skip to my neighborhood parking lot and light up those amazing ground-bloom flowers.

Is it just me or were ground-bloom flowers way more powerful and colorful back then?

Sparklers, Roman Candles, and other fireworks would shoot up brightly colored balls of fire and BANG with REPORT!

We had it better in the 1900s, many years before smartphones.

The year is 2024 - in parts of Washington - it's Illegal to Sell, Posses, and Use Fireworks.  This is true for Chelan County, Wenatchee, and across the river in East Wenatchee - More on that later.

Some areas across Washington allow fireworks on and around the Fourth of July.

State law states fireworks, purchased legally, can be bought and used in Washington from June 28th until July 5th. Before purchasing fireworks - contact your local fire department to see if they are legal for use in your area.

Douglas County (Washington)

Fireworks are allowed in Douglas County between 1 pm and 11:59 pm on July 3rd & 4th. You can also shoot fireworks for New Year's Eve celebrations from 6:00 p.m. on December 31st  to 1:00 a.m. on January 1st. 

Are Fireworks legal in East  Wenatchee?

Even though Douglas County allows fireworks - the city of East Wenatchee city council recently adopted a firework ban in 2023. The new law bans the possession, lighting, or selling of fireworks within East Wenatchee city limits. A similar ban for the use and sale of fireworks is also in place for the towns of Waterville and Mansfield. The first offense for violating the East Wenatchee fireworks law is $205 while the second offense is $359.

Fireworks in Chelan County?

The Chelan County Fire Marshal's Office reminds us that - fireworks stands may be set up in nearby towns - but they are prohibited from lighting off throughout the county.

The use of personal fireworks isn't allowed in any of the unincorporated areas of Chelan County. Similar firework bans exist within the city limits of Cashmere, Wenatchee, and Leavenworth.

It is also unlawful to set off fireworks on federal lands. 

Here is the rundown of fireworks laws in the Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, and Yakima regions.

Our friends at KING 5 listed the places where you can and can’t light off fireworks in western Washington.

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