Connor & Aly were excited to have two talented documentary filmmakers, Jeff Ostenson and Charles Atkinson, from North 40 productions stop by the KW3 studio this morning (Wednesday March 29th, 2023). 

North 40 Productions
North 40 Productions

They both stopped by to promote the upcoming World premiere of a documentary about a bluegrass/americana band, The Show Ponies.

The film follows the band after they’ve made the hard decision to break up after the The Show Ponies final concert tour. You can read about KPQ's article on the documentary here.

The Show Ponies (via YouTube)
The Show Ponies (via YouTube)

The film is called "We're Not Lost - The Last Ride Of The Show Ponies" (We've provided the trailer, below)

Bear in mind that Jeff Ostenson was part of a well loved local band, Fat Happy. It gets referenced a couple times in our chat.

Connor: Step to the microphone, We’ve got guests in the studio, tell us your names!

Jeff & Charles: I’m Jeff Ostenson and Charles Atkinson. We’re from North 40.

Aly: That is so awesome

Connor: Thanks for coming in

Aly: So you guys have a film that’s gonna be coming to the Numerica PAC (Performing Arts Center) tell us about that.

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely we’re going to be world premiering our latest feature documentary film, tomorrow at 7 o’clock at the Numerica PAC.  It’s called “We’re Not Lost, the Last Ride of the Show Ponies”.

Charles: Yes, the Show Ponies have broken up. This is a film that was actually shot in 2018. We followed them on their goodbye tour as they were sort of forced to grapple with the idea of letting go of their dreams. 

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Connor: Why do they break up? 

Charles: Well you’ll have to come to the movie, Connor to find out why they broke up.

Aly: (laughs) That's a good teaser!

Connor:  So, between the two of you, who is more into americana music?

Jeff: Oh that’s a great question I would have to say (pauses) me. (laughs)

Charles: It's Jeff there’s no doubt about it. I was the Show Ponies fan but Jeff is definitely the biggest americana music fan.

Connor:  Okay. Besides Barenaked Ladies, did they (Show Ponies) have a big influence on you in terms of Fat Happy...(pauses) Aly, by the way did you remember them? It's okay if you don’t. 

(Laughter in the room)

Connor: When I first moved to Wenatchee back in 2007, Your band Fat Happy, was like BNL in this town.

Aly: Yeah, wait a minute you were there (at the recent Follies performance at the PAC). There was a performance you just had!

Connor: We gushed about you on the radio!

Jeff: Yes we came back. Our band, Fat Happy, was around Wenatchee from about ‘99 to 2011. We broke up in about 2011 and our friend, the Director of the Follies, Jaime Donegan got us to play.

Connor: I’m glad you guys were able to get back together.

Jeff: It was super fun. We had a great show and raised a bunch of money for the Follies Guild. Like $80,000!

Connor: So after seven years three albums, millions of listeners: The Show Ponies broke up. How long did you follow them?

Charles: We followed them on a “Goodbye Tour” which was set across four different shows from Wenatchee all the way down to LA.

Aly: Cool!

Connor: Were there any arguments on the tour bus?

Charles: I was in the car for most of the driving around Washington and no major arguments. A lotta the interviews happened in the car with the band as they’re driving from show to show and one of them would chime-in and say oh you maybe got that story wrong  - but I think if there was any tension or emotions - it simmered by that point. So no major arguments in the car.

Connor:  A new documentary from Wenatchee’s North 40 productions: By the way thank you for doing what you do. Watch the film premiere of "We're Not Lost - the Last Ride of the Show Ponies"  Tomorrow, 7 PM at the Numerica PAC. Both of you, thank you so much. North 40 we’re blessed to have you here.

Jeff & Charles: Thank you!

"We're Not Lost - The Last Ride Of The Show Ponies"

Thursday March 30th

Doors open at 6:30pm - Show starts at 7pm

Numerica Performing Arts Center

More info and website for online tickets.

(Tickets are $12)

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