Local Children Send "Happy Letters" to Maui Patients

The details of the Maui Wildfire tragedy were hard to read.

Many people were lost.

Countless others, tourists, and Maui residents were badly hurt. Some of these wildfire victims don't have adequate support to help them through this trying, difficult time.

It brings us so much joy to relay to you the story of local children taking time to write words of encouragement. Kids drawing happy pictures.

Letters and pictures that bring a positive, healing force to their broken heart.

Here's the story of local adults and kids trying to make a difference in a place torn apart by tragedy.

Cashmere's Vale Elementary (Abbie Gunderson)
Cashmere's Vale Elementary (Abbie Gunderson)

"Vale Elementary School (Cashmere) students who created just under 1,400 Happy Letters for patients in assisted living centers, oncology departments, and other areas where support is needed." -Abbie Gundersen

Abbie Gunderson
"Abbie's daughters (left) and a friend with the Happy Letters they created for folks in Maui" - (CREDIT - Abbie Gundersen)

" My girls and I have been a huge fan of Happy Letters since discovering them earlier this year. After the fires in Maui I heard that Happy Letters had a goal to send 1,000 letters to the residents of Maui. I contacted Traci, the founder, and asked her to send me a template that I could copy and take with me on my summer travels to Utah.

Whilst staying with family and friends, we drew 40 happy letters. It was a great bonding experience and teaching moment with our children as we drew pictures and wrote words of love and encouragement to those who have lost everything We hope the people of Maui feel our love."

- Abbie G.

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SOURCE: Kindness Counts NCW

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