I have recently, as in, the past week, discovered Nutella. I know, I know, I’m like super behind on the trends, but I’m not one to try and follow said trends, especially if my hard-earned dollar is spent on something I may not like. Until I caved. Bought a smallish jar. Mistake #1, buying a smallish jar! So now, as you’ve probably guessed, I LOVE NUTELLA! (No this isn’t an ad for the band, I’m just seriously obsessed with the hazelnutty spread!) Bananas never tasted better, toast, strawberries, I mean, you can spread it on anything and BAM, so dang good!  

Places you Can Eat Nutella in the Wenatchee Valley: 

The Wenatchee Loop Trail- You pack that Nutella with you, a few food items to dip into the jar, or just a spoon and you walk your bad self along the trail with that Nutella jar!  

The top of Saddle Rock- I mean you just hiked a fair amount, why not have a celebratory snack?! 

Wenatchee Ave- While you window shop and stroll historic downtown Wenatchee, enjoy some hazelnutty chocolate! 

Grandma’s House- What is grandma hasn’t tried it?! Like Hello! Spread the love! 

Walla Walla Park- While you watch softball or even the view of the river, Nutella is a must. 

Make out Point- Kind of above “The Rac” in Wenatchee, but instead of making out, your swapping Nutella. 

I know this all seems so silly, and it is completely but man alive, I need a few jars at once! One for the car, my bedroom, kitchen, and one for backup of each location so I don’t run out.  

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