The holiday weekend is here and no one wants to be stuck in traffic.

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Most of us have a travel plan of when to get on the road to reach our destination in time for scheduled activities. However, unexpected events happen and ruin our good intentions. No one plans for traffic delays.

Where and when can we expect traffic delays on Interstate 90 this weekend?

Northwest Hit By More Snow, Closing Highways
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According to Washington State Patrol Trooper Chris Thorson, backups are usually between the Snoqualmie Pass summit and Ellensburg. People are are towing trailers, boats, and ATV's. Some are in motorhomes, so traffic is moving slower. Friday afternoon is most congested for people leaving for the weekend, so some leave on Thursday, hoping to get a jumpstart. And then when returning, Monday afternoon is most heavy. Some people wait to return home on TUESDAY. Thorson recommends leaving Sunday or early Monday to avoid the expected I-90 heavy traffic on Memorial Day afternoon.


WSP Trooper Thorson offers the following safety travel tips:

Pack your patience. You won't get to your destination as fast as you normally would.
Don't speed. Obey the speed limit signs.
Increase your following distance.
Don't drive distracted. Put the phone down. Keep your eyes on the road.
Don't drive after consuming alcohol and/or drugs.

The last thing we want to do this weekend is investigate a fatality collision somewhere in our state.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) website offers information for commuting with real time updates, live camera views, current travel times and bridge and road restrictions for cars and trucks. The WSDOT mobile app is available FREE for android and iPhone users.

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