Tips for Watching the Perseid Meteor Showers 


Early to mid August is the best time to Perseid Meteor Showers.

Why are they called the Perseid Meteor Showers? Because at their peak viewing time, of early morning, before dawn, they have the illusion of coming from the direction of The Perseus Constellation (whose stars have no connection to the falling meteors.)

If you happen to see a very bright falling fireball (a vibrant and bright meteor), You can report it to the American Meteor Society. -This is same website Aly reported seeing a bright fireball, a few months back. Here’s her story.on that memorable occasion.

What are the Perseid Meteors? They are generally ice particles left behind by the Perseid “parent comet” that makes its orbit of the Sun every 120 years. Our planet goes through the “comet particle trail” every year at about the same time on the calendar. Learn more about 109P/Swift-Tuttle, the parent comet of the Perseid Meteors.

Here are some highlights from last year’s Perseid Meteor shower:


Here are some great tips on staying up late, or getting up early to watch the meteor showers.

1. Get to Know what are the Best Days to Watch 

The Best time, or the peak time is when our planet is expected to encounter the greatest number of comet particles. To find out when Earth is about to pass through another comet particle field. Check out this online resource meteor guide.


2. Location is HUGE.

Plan to seek out a dark place to observe the falling meteors away from city lights.

An area that offers farming fields, with a big sky is extremely helpful. Quincy, Washington or anywhere in the Columbia Basin is a great place to watch. The key is to look for a flat region that is away from light pollution. 

3. What if a bright moon is out?

See a bright moon in the sky? Look at areas of the sky away from the moon. Another great tip for watching on a night with a bright moon is, Using the shadow of a barn, or vehicle, or a tree, can help you see more streaking meteors. 

4. You don’t need to stare all night in a single direction – The meteors will appear all over the sky.


5. Meteor showers will be better if you let your eyes adapt to the dark. Patience is key.


6. Notice the meteors’ speeds and colors

'The Leonid meteors seem to zip across the sky, while the Taurids are slow enough that everyone can see them when someone yells “Meteor!” Also, some meteor showers, such as the Perseids, can be colorful. Another beloved shower, the Geminids, tend to be bright and white.' - Earth & Sky


7. Bring a blanket, fun friends, a hot drink and a lawn chair

Feet free to grab that reclining lawn chair from your back deck. This can help you relax and spend more time looking for meteors. Reward yourself with a trip to Dennys after your late night viewing or if you get up before dawn.

INFO: Earth & Sky

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