The weather experts predict another hot summer for North Central Washington.  

What will you do when the triple digits hit?

We have options!  You can take the family to Slidewaters. There are also several great swimming lakes - plenty of great options for you and your family. 

But what about mosquitoes?

Summer weather also means enjoying your backyard, a hike in the enchantments, or an evening at the park for the 4th of July. All three are great - when you’re not fighting off those pesky summertime mosquitoes. When I was a child, my family sprayed my arms, legs, and neck with “Off” mosquito repellent. We’d also burn that mosquito coils.

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Science says there are four main factors in attracting mosquitos

1 - Your Breath

2 - Your Sweat

3 - Your body temperature

4 - The color of clothing you wear - Color of clothing?

Colors you should wear and others you should avoid in regards to mosquitos

I was bummed to learn that my favorite colored shirt - black is one of the four that attract mosquitoes. 

There are a few colors that attract mosquitoes - and a few colors you can wear to keep them away. 

Don’t believe me? Researchers at the University of Washington ran some tests and proved it. 

Here are the 4 Colors You Should Avoid Wearing - to Keep Mosquitoes Away 

While other factors may make you an attractant to mosquitoes including breath, sweat, and body temperature, keeping the following colors off of you can help keep mosquitoes away from your body.

1. Red

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2. Orange

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3. Cyan

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4. Black

All Black hooker Norm Hewitt sports the team shirt
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Wear these 4 Colors - Mosquitos aren't attracted to them 

1. Green

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2. Purple

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3. Blue

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4. White



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